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Lipozene vs Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia Extract

With the latest health craze of losing weight, there are numerous products in the market that purport to support you in this. However, like any other product that your body will use, you need to approach most of the available products with caution; know the advantages and disadvantages, adverse effects, price, the best manufacturers and whether you are viable to use the product.

For example if you are young healthy person you can go for products that work to increase your metabolism. However, if you have hypertension or cardiovascular disease you might need to approach such products with care and only with your doctor’s approval.

Nevertheless, there is a product for each and every person out there. Two of the much talked about weight loss products are Garcinia cambogia and Lipozene.

Garcinia cambogia

Rachel Frederickson biggest loser


Garcinia cambogia was discovered by the people of Southern Asia and parts of Africa centuries ago. It is a small pumpkin-like fruit. In India it is used to make curries whereas in other parts it is used to treat stomach complications. Today, Garcinia cambogia extract is one of the most popular weight loss products in the world. In fact, it also helped biggest looser winner – Rachel Frederickson. Read the full article - Did Rachel Frederickson Went Too Far On The Biggest Loser By Losing More Than 60% Of Her Body Weight?

It has several benefits: it is all natural and works with the body to enhance its metabolism with little change to your lifestyle. It also acts to fill you up making you become hungry less often and also eat less food.

Garcinia cambogia is also a mood elevator as it elevates levels of serotonin in the body thus many emotional eaters are saved from emotional feeding.

The downfall of this product is that there are too many of Garcinia products that claim to help in weight loss. This has led to people out to rip you off with poor quality products that achieve little or no results.

All in all Garcinia cambogia is known as the weight loss product of the century as it is effective in weight loss.


This is possibly one of the new kids in the block for weight loss. However, Lipozene has gained some popularity since its conception as a weight loss product. It is produced from a plant grown in Japan, China and Eastern Asia known as Konjac which contains a fibre called glucomannan. Glucomannan makes you feel full thus you eat less. This is one of the benefits of Lipozene as a weight loss product. It is also known to regulate the blood LDL cholesterol. However, this product has its own disadvantages which included a distended stomach, highly fluctuating blood sugar and nausea for some people. Even though it is not an easy to swallow pill, Lipozene has been known to be an effective weight loss product.

Lipozene and Garcinia cambogia are in the same price range, are taken minutes before meals, are natural plant extracts and are effective weight loss products. However, whereas Lipozene has side effects that some people find uncomfortable, pure Garcinia cambogia extract do not produce such or any side effects. Therefore, as a weight watcher, consider the products that will work for you. Personally, I would recommend Garcinia cambogia as I hate anything that makes me even slightly uncomfortable.

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Why Do You Need to Shed Those Extra Pounds?

more body fat than you need is not healthy. There exist several health and social reasons why you need to stay motivated and reach your weight loss goals. Here are some:

1. Being overweight or obese predisposes you to a number of diseases.

This is because the body system is overworked and some organs have to work harder than is healthy to keep you alive. Some of the diseases you risk catching or aggravating with excessive weight include cancer, diabetes and hypertension.

Overweight problems

2. Your mobility and general comfort is hindered with extra pounds of flesh.

No doubt, if you weigh more than is healthy, you will find it difficult to go up the stairs or even walk a few miles home. This definitely ruins the quality of life that you can enjoy if you had the normal activity levels that an individual should have.

3. Excess weight can erect a social barrier in your relationships with others.

People who are overweight find it difficult sometimes to interact with others due to low self-esteem. If you are scared of going out for some fun because of your body, you need to gather all the courage you can summon and push on with your weight loss regimen.

4. If you are successful in your weight loss venture, you will look sexier and have a fantastic collection of attire to choose from! If you hate the compromises in styles that you have to contend with because of your weight, the more the reason for you not to give up along the way!

It is easy to start a weight loss venture. However, there usually comes a time when your progress seems stagnated and this is where many people give up. To avoid falling in this trap, it is important to make realistic weight loss goals. If you choose to use Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia Extract (HCA), you need to know the dosage limits that you have to observe to avoid being harmed by overusing the product. Go to to explore researched data.

You also need to break down your goals into small, doable tasks for each week. This helps to keep you motivated because then, you do not have to look at the tasks as huge challenges to be overcome.

At the same time, you need to have a weight loss calendar to ensure that your goals are time-measured. A timeless program is easily abandoned at any time.

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Plastic Surgery of Rick Springfield – How to Rate It?

There is no introduction needed for Rick Springfield because most of us know what he is and what his accomplishments are. He is not young and at the age of 65, he certainly needs to find ways and means by which he can hide his body ageing process to the outside world to the maximum extent possible. Of late, there are rumors that he has undergone many plastic surgeries and it would be interesting to evaluate the same, in terms of success and failures.

Rick SpringfieldTo begin with, Rick has undergone a full course of Botox injections to give a new look to the skin of his face. When one looks at the photographs now and then, there is certainly a big difference.

However, there is diversity in opinions, as far as the success of these procedures is concerned. Going by the general opinion, there is a strong feeling that his botox regimen has not worked well. Many of his fans feel that he was much better off without the treatment.

The facelift that he has done also needs to be compared to how he looked in 1982 and how he looks now. Though age has certainly caught up with him during this intervening period, there are many who have given thumbs up to his facelift plastic surgery. It has helped him to remove the wrinkles and fine lines from his face, to a great extent.

Rupert EverettRupert Everett is another celebrity whose career has got a new shot in the arm because of his plastic surgeries. Amongst the various types of surgeries that he has gone through, the ones worth mentioning are face lift and cheek implants.

Given the age that Rupert is now, his face skin is not sagging or they do not look lifeless. His face looks very smooth. His cheek also looks very fine and smooth and this is the result of a nicely performed cheek implant surgery. His decision to put his skin under the knife has certainly paid rich dividends.

As ordinary individuals, there is nothing wrong if we aspire to look good. However, it needs to be done carefully and after getting all the details. For every 10 successful plastic surgeries, there are 3 or 4 which have ended in failure. Hence, you should be aware of the risk of failures. Not only do you lose time and money but you could also run the risk of infections if the right procedure is not chosen. The surgeons who perform these procedures should also be experienced in this field and have a successful track record.

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